Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Specs

I am overthemoon in l.o.v.e. w/ my new glasses. What a nerdy thing to be in love w/...I know...but I've been waiting, for what seems like an eternity, to get some new ones. Have been eyeing the hubs's fancy schmancy new Ray-Ban's for 4 LONG months...and now I don't have to be jealous anymore. 

See...mine were fine...the prescription was okay, they were fairly cute...no reason to get new ones.

Old glasses...pretty good. Aww...plus, what a cute pic of the hubs and me. :)

 Except, that tiny, nagging little thing called...WANT. Ick...I feel gross just saying it. Why can't I just be satisfied w/ what I have? After all...that is a big goal of mine for the new year. Use what I have...not always running out for bigger, better.

Luckily...my new spectacles got ordered b/f 2011 was over. Plus...I was quite adult about it and used mostly Christmas $$$ to purchase them. Man...what a lame-o thing to buy, huh? Well...maybe to some...but not to this girl.

Giddy w/ excitement over these puppies! :)

So...just in case it wasn't obvious b/f...I am, in fact, a giant nerd. I love my glasses! There...I said it! And...I guess I should throw in that Ray-Ban glasses are pretty amazing. Super durable...and stylish to boot.



  1. I have to say it does not seem like a lame thing at all, seeing as how it's making you so giddy!
    Isn't it nice to be so happy about a purchase that is pretty practical also?!

  2. They are cute!!! I worked at an eye doctor's office in high school and the frame reps would give me *free* frames with plano lens. I absolutely loved it!

  3. you're so adorable, i love them!