Friday, January 27, 2012

My Lowe's everybody buys paint, right? And probably everybody has a stash of old paint cans (a super great way of 'remembering' what color, etc. you used).

Well...I actually think this little program from Lowe's will help alleviate the need to hold on to those buckets of paint. The 'My Lowe's' card (once registered online) will save all of your purchase information from any Lowe's! So, not only will it remember what color of paint you bought...but also building supplies, etc. How cool!

Now...hopefully I can get rid of all this nonsense in my basement...

*Yeah...that's right. Some of these bad boys are from the previous owners! Gotta love that mess...pile of paint cloths and all. Don't judge, y'all.

*And...I can free up these pages in my project notebook! More room for the zillions of magazine pages I seem to accumulate. I'll have that dream house someday, right??


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