Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Snapshots











1. Left-over Tortelloni Modenese from Sam & Gabes for b'fast...wishing I had more of it...
2. My new Scentsy warmer...I'm in love w/it. Makes the whole house smell delish...Sticky Cinnamon Bun.
3. Vintage necklace...bright orange!
4. Ocean Beach Fries for lunch...kind of a weird choice...but we had a Living Social to use up. It wasn't too bad...enjoyed a Chicago Dog and some fries w/gravy...healthy, huh??
5. Even the craft room is decked out for Christmas!
6. Hot Toddy candle lit and Christmas tunes a'playin for my wrapping session...
7. I store all of my wrapping paper in a metal garbage bin from Lowe's...keeps it all it just looks cute. :)
8. Used my scrapping sticker-maker thingy to create gift labels. I punched out a heart shape, wrote who the gift was going to...then sent it through. tag!
9. The fruits of my labor...what a lovely collection of presents! Hope everyone loves them! (Be kind...and ignore all the pine needles on the floor...the price of having a wonderfully REAL Frasier Fir.)


  1. I love your paper holder! So fun!! I am visiting your blog from the Sunday social blog hop. New Follower!

  2. I always love your Sunday snapshots! They're so fun. And I'm loving the metal garbage can as a paper holder too! Totally stealing that one... (not the can... just the idea!) I even have a special bag I bought for gift wrap, but it's ugly and not quite long enough for some rolls. Also, you need to have a Scentsy party and invite me. I've been wanting one of those ever since I smelled the Cinnamon one at a friend's house! I thought she'd baked me some rolls! :)