Friday, December 23, 2011


Sitting here listening to my all-time favorite Christmas c.d. (well, it's on an ipod, but used to be a c.d.) by Mariah Carey...
and waxing nostalgic...

Now...I'm not an overly sentimental person, as far as 'things' go...much to the disappointment of my mom...but there are certain trinkets I always have around. Gentle reminders of trips, experiences...
life moments.

*I may keep a few little treasures here & there...but they must, must have a home. Mason jars seem to do the job quite well!

*Tags from our first pup, bandit; hand-written place cards from the hubs' great-aunt Norma's @ thanksgiving a couple years ago (what a romantic notion); buttons from the fall festival in Kalona; strawberry pin cushion

*A tiny pic of Bandit (and all his siblings) after they were born. Idk why, but it kind of lives in my milk glass collection, moving from time to time...but I always know that it will be around, in some vase or cup...and it makes me smile every time I happen upon it.

*Again w/the jars! The completely rad miracle whip one is legit vintage...from my grandma's house. It now holds an ever-growing shell collection. The other blue-tinted Ball jar has rocks from all of our off-road, crazy adventures.

*Bouquet I carried in Sister's hangs in my kitchen...and reminds me of a happy day!

The fun part of my mish-mashed collection of 'souvenirs' is having them stashed all over the house. Nothing's too big, or has too many I can have them here & be discovered all over again.



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