Wednesday, November 16, 2011

T-Shirt Scarf

I haven't had too much free time to be crafty I've been dying to do something, anything... So...I came home tonight, grabbed a freebie t-shirt I had gotten from work, and just started cutting!

I've seen t-shirt scarves on Pinterest...
and they looked so simple! *I can't sew...and I have very little patience for projects that take too. long.  So...this was the most perfectest craft for me. :)

1. Start w/ any ol' t-shirt you're not using anymore. I thought this one had great color (I'm a sucker for anything green).

2. I cut the t-shirt straight across, starting right below the arms. Then, I cut that piece into 1 inch(ish) strips. (I don't have nice fabric the cuts were a little *wonky*).

3. After the strips were cut *tedious,* I looped them all together, stretched them a few times, and then wrapped the hemmed piece (from the bottom of the shirt) around all of the gathered pieces. I just tucked the loose end through some of the loops, but someone who can sew could surely do abitnicer job.

 And there it is...a COMPLETELY free, new accessory! It took all of 10 minutes to make, too...even better! to enjoy grilled cheese and tomato soup...and Parenthood! *sigh*