Friday, November 4, 2011


Had some much-needed q.t. w/Sister tonite. We talk all the time...and usually see each other a couple times a week...but really needed a nite to just hang out together. We are girls, of we had to include some fun, frilly things in our "date."

Ashley finally got some plumage! (unfortunately...I was not on my A-game, so this is the only decent pic I have of the occasion...)

I used 2 feathers I've worn before...only had to pay to have them put back in, instead of the full price of buying new ones... This seems to be the best picture I could manage of my own feathers...for some reason, it's really hard for me to use the reverse camera on my ipod... (a little Pottery Barn Kids as background...)

Refueling... I tried a Peppermint was ok. I need to be honest w/myself, though...I really only like the idea of coffee...not the taste. I should stick w/the hot cocoa. :)

The perfect ending to a great nite out...sweet, sweet Target. Where dreams really do come true!

Very random last pic. I broke out a scarf tonite...seemed like the perfect opportunity to snazz up my ensemble a little bit...and keep toasty warm!

Sweet Dreams! (and thanks for a great nite, Sister!)



  1. Cute feathers! I've been wanting some for a while. Also, I need to try starbucks hot choc for sure! I've never had it! I know, I'm crazy.

  2. Those are cute :) I have been wanting some, but I think I will wait until next summer when I'm not a teacher haha.

    I love hot apple cider

  3. Kaycie and Autumn...thanks so much for your comments! the feathers are should both try em! :) have a great day!