Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How I Roll...

It's FINALLY feeling like tonite, I celebrate...

1. Freshly scrubbed face and glasses
2. Jams, slipper socks + slippers (a lot of pattern going on here)
3. Candle
4. Parenthood on DVR *yippie!!*

Happy Relaxing!!



  1. I wish we still could DVR shows! (instead we have Maddox...). I saw all but the last 15 minutes of Parenthood last night. Boo! Cloe had a bad dream and was sleep walking, so I had to console her. Stinkin' bad dreams! Hope you enjoy your warm snuggly evening!

  2. That looks like a perfect fall combination! I always clash when wearing pjs haha, I love comfy colorful socks and bright pjs. They usually don't match lol.

    Found you through Follow Fest, check out my blog if you're interested! I'm hosting my first give-away!

    My Growing Obsessions

  3. Ha ha ha! I just had to do the word verification to post my last comment and it was "layfurry". How appropriate for this post :)

  4. that sounds like perfection to me! i am a new follower by the way! glad i found your great blog!