Friday, November 11, 2011

Change... so very hard for this girl. At my age (shhh....32), I've already had so many life myself, my family, my environment. Every time something new's hard for me to adjust, whether it be a bad something or a good one.

Looking back, though, I now realize, the things that were once "changes," are now...just my life. So, really...we should embrace each new moment, new experience...b/c pretty soon, they'll be our normal, everyday life. The life that comforts us and gives us security...also, the life that makes us who we are.
*sorry to anyone out there who's not a "foot person" (Jill, I'm talking to you)...
A silly change, I know...but getting my little heart tattoo was a BIG deal to me *at the time*. I had been afraid of getting one for so long (surely I was going to perish from the pain, or possibly bleed to death). Of course, I didn''d be missing out on this awesome story if I had... ;) And now...I love it! It's a part of me...and I'm happy that I did it.


  1. I LOVE IT. I did a foot tattoo on a whim, I got little music notes or "lala's" as I called them when I was little. Pain like NO other wow. I love yours, I think it's adorable and feet creep me out but yours are pretty!!!

    PS I am so happy I found your blog.

  2. Thanks, Jordan! I'd love to see your tattoo...I'm always impressed to see what ideas people have for them. I'd like another...but not sure what or where...we'll see, I guess. Thanks for finding me...I love reading yours too! :)