Friday, November 25, 2011

Pinterest Interest

Alright...there are a lot of folks out there who already enjoy the magically wonderful land of Pinterest. Recently, however, I've had a few peeps (April, this might be for you) ask me just what this "Pinterest" is and how it works. So...I'm going to attempt a tutorial on getting started.

First things'll need to go here. Once you get to the Pinterest'll have to request an invite. Not really sure why this is part of the process...but doesn't it make it seem like it's a super cool kids club??

I don't recall how long it takes to get the "invite," but I don't think it was very long. Once you're in,'s the limit!, you got your, you'll have to provide your email and create a password. There is also an option to login via Facebook...I do this a lot.

After the login, you get to create a profile with your name, picture, a little info about yourself. can update your "pinnings" to Facebook and Twitter.

From this can create boards by clicking on the Add It button on the top right of the header, naming them anything you want. I currently have 39 boards (food, clothes, hairstyles, decorating, etc)...I may or may not need to reign those in a bit. Once you  have a board or can start your pinning.

Pinning happens a couple ways. You can either surf the tons and tons of pins right on Pinterest them to your boards. In addition to re-pinning, you can "like" pins and add comments.

The other way to "pin," is to add the Pin It Button to your favorites bar. You'll find this option under the About button, again on the right side of the header bar. When you've grabbed the Pin It button, you can "pin" pretty much any image you find on the Internet. The way it works is to find an image you're interested in pinning, then go to your favorites bar and click "pin it." More than likely, several images from that page will pop up with "pin it" showing up on each one. Simply pick the one you want and click on that picture. You can then choose a description to add and what board you want to pin to.

The really cool thing about all of this Pinterest business is that the pins link back to original sources. can organize all of the instructions that go along w/the projects, recipes, etc.

For your viewing pleasure...

*These are just a few of the kinds of things I like to pin...ideas for fashion and decorating...and definitely yummy food! :) Also l.o.v.e. all of the incredible project ideas...

*Whew!* That's a lot to take in...sorry about that. I didn't really understand how the whole Pinterest thing worked at first. I just had to get on a dink around w/ it. It's justsoamazing! Full of ideas...ideas for things you didn't even know existed, but now...must have/do!

Anyhoo...hope this novella helps...even just one Pinterest newbie! :)


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