Sunday, October 2, 2011

What Cheer Flea Market

Do you have a place that makes you giddily happy? You can picture it so clearly; the exact set-up, people, sights, smells? For me, it's the What Cheer Flea Market. ( This was my 3rd time going and I have fallen even more in love each time! My partners-in-crime are Sister and Chelsea. We kind of have a routine down, which is nice...makes navigating the throngs of treasure-hunters a bit easier. :)

We started our day in Pella at Jaarsma Bakery...

Next stop...What Cheer. But wait, what's that over there? Another antiques extravaganza? Not really, it was just a garage, filled with nominally cool objects...but I did come away with 2 frames and a mirror...I hear my spray paint cans a' callin. ;)

So we finally make cart and all...
Aren't we just snazzy...and didn't have to be jealous of all those folks with carts...we had our own!

The flea market is full-up with characters...this guy was one of my faves!
Added a little "class" to the day with his tunes :)

No worries...
G.I. Chelsea's here to stop anyone from getting in the way of our shopping!

Lunch Time!!
I was so excited to eat these nummy nachos that some sweet church ladies had made! Little did I know there were a couple of hairs lurking in them when I took this pic. (Sorry if that grossed anyone out...)

After an experience like that I needed some humor...and here it was...
What's a lap robe you ask? Well, I'll tell's a blanket. Great marketing, though, huh?!?

Last time here, we brought my brother-in-law's big ol' Ford truck...and ended up fitting our purchases in the cab...totally not needing the space of the truck bed. This time around was a different story...

I'm sure Chelsea's Nissan Murano has never seen so much stuff! There were tons of gawkers as we pushed and prodded to fit everything. And then, I got to ride with a milk jug b/w my legs the whole way home. It was worth it...what a day!

And a drum roll,'s what I picked up...
Some sweet new kicks! ($20)

I have 2 more of these wall-hangy things that were my Grandma's. Those have been painted black and grace the wall in a basement bathroom. These will be painted too...but might have a more luxurious home. ;)
($1 each)

A couple of catch-all's for a dresser (only paid 1.50 for both!)

A whole mess of frames, metal, and a mirror. Hoping to transform most of this and use it as a base for an Etsy store! :)

Last, but not least, this blanket...I love it! It's the first bed linen I've bought for the guest room-redo...and I think it's a great jumping-off point! ($5)

In all...a fabulous day!


  1. Amazing!! I love all your stuff and reaaallly love that quilt.
    Looks like it's pretty much the best place on earth? I am SO going next year!

  2. You know you would have had way more fun at the deacon's retreat :o)

    Can't wait to see your transformations! I agree with Peter Marie the quilt is great!

  3. I so wish we would have gone this year! We went last year and loved it!
    Your purchases look so fun! Can't wait to see what you do with the mirror! We have that exact mirror...can I copy your make-over?