Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Armed and Dangerous...

...well, if a glue gun counts...

Broke out this little blue number tonite...and decided to see what it could do.

It all started with a pretty, purple vintage hat I discovered in my mom's garage (it belonged to my great-grandma). It was love at first sight! 

There's just one problem...I'm not a hat person. Maybe the occasional baseball cap...for a bad-hair day...but never a dressy hat. It's just

So...what to do? I didn't want to display it (not really my style), but then I didn't just want to put it away. Then it hit me...I pin my hair back why not a hair clip?? *angels singing*

First, had to man up and cut this pretty little embroidered piece off of the hat. It only hurt for a second...I promise...did it quick, just like a bandaid. ;)

Then, just a couple dots of hot glue, a Goody snap clip...and I was in business!

Me likey!
~and kissy face...just for fun!~


  1. Not sure which I like better: the hairthing or the kissy face. ;)
    Great idea to keep an old but valuable piece modern!