Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Finished Project...

I haven't had any time to do projects this week...hopefully will get a couple done this weekend. Until are some pics of our basement. We finished working on it a few months ago...although, there are some little things I still want to do. :)

Some "before's"... 


Hard to see...but I love the green chandelier! It serves no other purpose than to be pretty. :)

Where we keep all our Costco treasures. :)

The bathroom turned out pretty great! Painted every surface...including the floor (which, unfortunately, I don't have a picture's dark grey, fyi).

A free towel bar and some old wall decor from my Grandma got new life with some black spray paint.

Vintage chalkboard, zebra rug from Ebay, and spray-painted! I don't dig the couch and ottoman...but slipcovers are not a necessity right now. :)

My crafting table...I've added all my scrapbooking stuff, etc. Maybe I should actually do some scrapbooking, huh?!?  My favorite part are the milk crates, turned shelves! :)

I really didnt' like the ugly wooden doors on the they had to go! In their deco inspired curtains from World Market. I loved the fuscia. :)

A couple more curtain panels hide all my "junk" under the stairs. ;)

This project was what first jump-started my courage to think outside of the box with redoing a space. I used vintage materials and painted almost anything I could. I'm so happy with the end result!

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